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21st Century Civil Rights: Equity

Sunday, April 26, 2015 3:00pm - 6:30pm

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USC State of the Neighborhood Report

The major purpose of this report is to elucidate specific community conditions that shape life opportunities of residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Southern California’s (USC) University Park Campus (UPC) and Health Sciences Campus (HSC). An assessment was conducted comparing data for the communities within the UPC and HSC study areas to the city of Los Angeles, highlighting the largest disparities facing the communities neighboring USC. The report provides baseline data that can be used to guide efforts to create positive change within these local neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles County Juvenile Probation Outcomes Study

Advancement Project, supported by The W.M. Keck Foundation and The California Wellness Foundation, convened an unprecedented partnership of advocates, researchers, and Los Angeles County’s Probation Department to examine current data practices and the path of representative youth through the Probation system, and developed a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve youth outcomes. On April 1, 2015, the partnership released The Los

April 21, 2015

Curbing use of deadly force by police calls for new policies, training

L.A. Times April 15, 2015 By Steve Lopez Here's what I'll give police: The job is inherently dangerous...


April 10, 2015

Shooting videos 'turning police culture upside down,' attorney says

Los Angeles Times by Teresa Watanabe April 8, 2015 Connie Rice, a Los Angeles civil rights lawyer with the Advancement Project, has examined the issue of police shootings and law enforcement culture for 30 years. She spoke to The Times on Wednesday about the shooting of Walter Scott, an apparently unarmed African American man, by a white police officer in South Carolina...


April 3, 2015

Los Angeles Unified considers killing preschool program

"There’s already 87,000 kids who don’t have seats just within the geographic boundaries who are preschool eligible, many of whom are low-income," Kim Pattillo Brownson, of the Advancement Project and a member of the district’s Early Education Ad-Hoc committee, said during the afternoon meeting. "Adding 10,000 more kids to that number is an astonishing move for an educational...